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I'm 42 but never grew up.

Four Points


TO the North is
She; the ice princess.
And a journey there
Means coldness to the core,
A frozen heart
And brittle fingers.
But all is warmed With a kiss.
But the cold remains.

To the West
Is the Promise.
All things to be yours.
Yet at a cost
Which is not known.
So while magic flows,
Souls erode.

To the East
Is exciting enticement.
Secrets and desires.
A mysterious place,
Once great,
But now sleeps
And dreams the wrong dreams.

Lastly, the South.
And the warmth of the sun
Induces hopes.
But after a time is uncomfortable.
So where to go?


A time of songs.

So where did

The love go?

Did it evaporate last Tuesday

As they scored a final goal?

Or was it the Wednesday before

Over spilt coffee?

Something deeper?

Just never gonna work?

Was it ever there?

Is it ever there?


Wisp like.

Faintly echoing

A youthful time:

A time of songs.


Waking moments can bring

No-one has the whole picture,

Just daily pieces.

jammed together

in the flavors of the day.

Everything is chaotic.

Anything but mercy

Places order

When there is none.

The hills

The hills shine.
Such ghosts.

Such history.

There are echoes.

And they sound still.

Speaking of secrets pasts

And deaths unmourned.


Covered in dark

The mourners come.

Years have passed

Yet every night

Grief out pours.

An injustice done

That transcends

You and I.