The world is changing

At quite a speed.

‘I know where we are going’

Is not to be believed.

The only constant

Is indifference of man.

He furthers himself

As much as he can.

Gaia’s warnings are largely ignored.

Played as one offs

As clouds are outpoured.

To believe the end of man

Is the end of a world

Is ego indeed.

And ought not

To be believed


Flying flags


The national flags is flying around the world


Italian coffee,

A ballet performed.
Brazilian football
Underestimated passion.
French farmhouses,
Beautiful dreams.
Nigerian bankers,
Not what they seem.
American buses,
Poor service that.
Australian fires,
Whole forests burnt flat.
Egyptian deserts,
Ancient guests.
Tibetan monasteries,
Welcome rests.
These things all around.
So variety
Needs to abound.


It is recommended

The word ‘mine’ is revoked.

And possession

Becomes a thing

Of the past.

It is likely

There will be much protest.

This has not been done before.

‘Our’ has never had

Priority place.

On those occasions

When tried

‘I’ has stepped in,

Appealing to many hearts,

Uprooting the cause of ‘we’ and ‘us.’

Marching ‘me’ to frontier status.


The whole language needs to be re-written.

In this way

Future days

Will be preserved.

Bodhi Tree

The tree grew alone,

From a cliff side.

Battered by wind

and salt from the sea.

Still, it grew.

Because it wanted to.

And when it’s leaves unfurled

So did hope.


The Fisherman Poet


fisherman poet


In front of me

Stood an ancient man.

He was, it came to pass,

A fisherman poet.

Contrary to reasoned man

fish have a language

solely theirs.

Not a babylon tower in site.

And their wisdom is so great

That a single verse

Would cure the ailments of man.

But also destroy mind.

Save for the fisherman poet,

protected from such a curse.

the only mortal to perceive

the worth of their verse.



She has the ocean’s eyes
flickering with white horses.
They have a way of drowning you.
At other times calm,
But dangerous still.
If I swim there
What happens to a drop
Which joins the ocean?

A Note on Quality

Spot on.

The Asifoscope

I am observing, in our global culture, a trend away from quality. Film, music and other parts of culture are turning more and more into a colorful, but bland flicker.

In our growth-economy, attitudes and values that increase fast turnover and profit tend to be promoted. And the fastest growing businesses and economies push everything else aside. Attitudes and values that do not help to increase turnover are not promoted or are even suppressed. Quality is among these. You can see this in many parts of culture. You can observe it even in museums or other institutions that ought to be places of education (for instance, I have written about this in the case of planetariums before).

To take the example of film: to make the most profit, a production must appeal to the greates possible audience. This can be achieved in two ways: make the production less demanding, so…

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